I Wrote This Show Because 

I Love You


Half-hour romance


Developed for Television



Based on I Wrote This Book Because I Love You by Tim Kreidera People magazine and A.V. Club top ten book of 2018, I Wrote This Show Because I Love You is a live-action comedy series based on the romantic imbroglios of cartoonist and essayist TIM KREIDER. 

The series, like the book, focuses on Tim Kreider’s relationships with women—romantic, platonic, and the murky in-between. Whether it's Diana, a progressive Brooklyn pastor who opens Tim up to divine love; or Zoey, a for-hire “pleasure activist” who shows Tim that sex can be a gateway to being more himself, and thus, finding his complement; or college girlfriend turned science reporter, Margot, who helps Tim find the doctor that conducted a psychological attachment study of him as a baby. These women are Tim’s Avengers of advice, consolation, and guidance. And always his shoulder to cry on. 

I Wrote This Show Because I Love is Seinfeld if Seinfeld were surrounded by Elaines. Or, When Harry Met Sallys.