Adam Benic is a New Yorker born to Croatian parents and currently resides in Los Angeles. 

A graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, Adam worked as creative support staff for Hulu, TNT, and CBS series until he won the Sundance Institute Storytelling Grant for his one-hour television pilot, LEVITTOWN, based on the building of his hometown. 

Adam has since written on multiple Apple TV+ shows, created and written a true crime audio series for iHeartRadio, and is currently developing an animated children's series based on the music of Kenny Loggins. He is also writing a getaway driver feature for Wayward Films. 

Adam has worked in and written sci-fi, action, romance, crime, sports, biopic, animated,

and every genre you can name. He's walked the halls of Congress with 9/11 First Responders trying to get their health fund and compensation through the ancient levers of bureaucracy. He's been in the basement of Croatian churches watching the national team play in the World Cup final. 

His family came to America and worked as carpenters and landscapers, seamstresses and office cleaners so Adam could do anything he wanted in life. Everything he writes is a testament to their sacrifice.

Adam lives in Los Angeles with his pastry chef wife and their pup Clementine.