Feal Good


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You may recall in 2019 when Jon Stewart excoriated Congress for not renewing the 9/11 Responders Victim Compensation & Healthcare Fund. Standing behind Jon was a tattooed man with anchor arms wearing a Nike ball cap with sunglasses on them. That man is John Feal, an Army Veteran turned 9/11 First Responder, who after losing his foot at Ground Zero, transformed from a Cripple into a Guerrilla Lobbyist and Bureaucracy Brawler, fighting the Courts and Congress over fifteen years on behalf of sick First Responders nationwide. 

John made 128 trips to Capitol Hill where he called Mitch McConnell an asshole on national television, had the Capitol Police called on him by Susan Collins, and made a $1 bet with Nancy Pelosi that his bill would get more votes than her 390 prediction. (It got 402.) “He is a remarkable force of nature and a joy to work with," Pelosi says. John organized a movement that led to three bills being passed for his fellow First Responders. A cursing Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, John is a friend and his story is the subject of my script: FEAL GOOD